Community Development

The Community Development Division coordinates plat and plan reviews, inspections and enforcement actions. It also coordinates implementation of the Lansing Comprehensive Plan. The staff provides support to the governing body, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. In general, anything related to zoning, planning and development, building inspection or code enforcement is coordinated through Community Development.

Comprehensive Plan
The Comprehensive Plan, adopted in March 2001, is a guide for future growth of the city. Included in this plan are long range recommendations for:
  • Land use
  • Transportation
  • Community facilities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Main Street Corridor
  • Annexation policies

The plan is extensively implemented to maintain the focus and vision of the governing body and the Planning Commission. All development actions are weighted against the plan for a determination of compliancy.

Community Development Division staff (located in the Public Works Department) is available to help you with your planning and zoning questions. When necessary, staff will review and forward requests made by residents, developers and business owners to the Planning Commission or the Board of Zoning Appeals for consideration.